Darrell Stein

Senior Vice President

As a senior vice president and business unit leader, Darrell Stein provides oversight and management of multiple internal teams and works with numerous leading clients. He has a knack for growing, building, and inspiring a nationwide group of colleagues with unique backgrounds and experiences. Throughout his career as a professional fire protection engineer, Darrell has worked on projects in almost every market, including retail, healthcare, K-12 education, higher education, sports/venue, corporate, and restaurants. He previously enjoyed a successful tenure as our director of fire & life safety for one of the largest fire protection groups in the country. Before joining Henderson Engineers in 1999, Darrell worked as a plans examiner and commercial construction inspector for a fire department, giving him a unique perspective on how our designs are received and reviewed. His dedicated leadership approach and meticulous work ethic makes him an integral part of every team and a trusted adviser to clients nationwide. No matter how difficult the task, Darrell is up for it — especially if that task is keeping the building from burning down.