Preparing today’s students for the future looks different than it did a generation ago — and so do the buildings where they hone their skills. Traditional lecture-style classrooms are being replaced with open, collaborative areas, flexible labs, and maker spaces that allow students to harmonize learning with hands-on experience. We provide design solutions for higher education facilities that can adapt to ever-changing educational needs of students and staff. Our goal is to create technology-rich, interactive, and evolving spaces that are ready for tomorrow.


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With more than 500 projects on 110 campuses nationwide, you could say we know higher education. From student unions and classrooms to residential halls and hands-on learning labs, our team is experienced in bringing environments to life that push the boundaries and support the world-changers of tomorrow in doing the same. Browse our Higher Education project gallery to see what we’re designing.

Health Education Building - University of Kansas Medical Center

Soll Center for Student Opportunity - Claremont McKenna College

College Avenue Commons - Arizona State University

Pence Center for Visual & Performing Arts - Central Arizona College


We’re an organization of smart thinkers and passionate creatives, and we love to share what we know. Scroll our thought leadership library for technical expertise, design discoveries, educational takeaways, and more from the brains behind the buildings.

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Bryan Jimenez

Community Sector Higher Education Practice Director | Associate



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