One of the keys to success in the health, wellness, and recreation industry is a standout facility that provides a great user experience. Health-conscious consumers and fitness fans want more than the standard workout class; they want a space that allows them to pursue a healthy lifestyle comfortably. Families desire more than a neighborhood pool; they want a transformative play experience. That’s why we focus on designing building systems that can keep up with the fitness resolutions and social activities of a community year-round. We focus on details that keep your clients coming back.


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When it comes to community rec centers, national fitness chains, and local yoga studios, we understand what goes into a great recreation and health space. We design with the end-user in mind, creating systems that provide an experience that community members want to repeat. We’ve designed building systems for natatoriums, gymnasiums, yoga and fitness studios, and more. Browse our Recreation project gallery to see what we’re designing.

Kansas City MLB Urban Youth Academy - Kansas City Royals

Coyote Center - Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Sun Devil Fitness Complex Polytechnic - Arizona State University


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Omid Mottahed

Community Sector Recreation Practice Director



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