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Our purpose is to create environments where people of every age can reach their full potential. We understand the unique challenges of Senior Living and memory care facilities and leverage our experience to deliver innovative and comprehensive solutions. Today’s modern Senior Living facilities are flourishing communities designed to provide patient care, resident housing, and connection with others through community spaces. We are known for our holistic approach, thinking with the end user in mind to create a safe environment where residents, patients and staff can flourish.


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Senior Living isn’t just about end-of-life care, it’s about providing extended life care in a community catered to seniors. When we’re designing the building systems that support senior living facilities, we keep the residents and patients experience at the center of all we do. Browse our Senior Living project gallery to see what we’re designing.

Arizona Department of Veterans Services, Yuma - Arizona State Veteran Home

Arizona Department of Veterans Services, Flagstaff - Arizona State Veterans Home

Bishop Spencer Place


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Laura Longoria

Health Sector Outpatient Practice Director



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