We Work Differently

We work differently because we think differently: we choose to be invested in our industry, our people, and the experiences that only great engineering can create. Whether it’s research to improve industry practices or classes that help us — and you — stay up to date on the latest trends and best practices, we’re dedicated to improving everything we do.

Thought Leadership

Whether we're partnering with a client on research to better the industry, sharing the latest design innovations at a conference, or just finishing a new noteworthy project, we want to share it with you. Learn more about what we've been up to lately.

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Henderson University

Staying on top of the latest industry trends can be difficult. That’s why we created Henderson University. Our experts can help your team stay on top of continuing education requirements. From engineering fundamentals to architectural innovations, we’ve got you covered.

Courses We Offer

Henderson Research

We love what we do, and we’re always searching for a better way. Through our research and development initiatives, we help our clients solve their hardest problems and drive industry innovation.

Our Research

Fundamentals Training

An employee is not a static commodity at Henderson. Our training programs are designed to help you master the fundamentals and set you on a trajectory for personal growth.

How we keep you sharp