Civic buildings are vital to the success of a community. It’s these spaces that house our police, fire, and emergency operations. It’s where decisions are made, and citizens gather. When it comes to public safety and judicial engineering, there’s a lot to know – and we know it all. We understand the ins and outs of these complex systems and their code requirements and standards. With experience in all sizes of civil government engineering projects, on-call contracts, and federal and military design, we’ve got your civic project covered.


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We have more than 100 federal government engineering projects under our belt, including numerous IDIQs and MATOCs with various government agencies. We are experienced in municipal building including criminal justice facilities and the criteria required by the American Correctional Association (ACA). Browse our Civic project gallery to see what we’re designing.

Justice Center - SRPMIC

Kansas City Police Headquarters

St. Charles Fleet Maintenance Campus


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Omid Mottahed

Community Sector Civic Practice Director | Principal



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