Access to culture within our communities is important. That’s why we help design and build cultural spaces where people come together to learn, connect, and be inspired through new and familiar experiences alike. We take pride in our ability to combine various program and educational components in a footprint that inspires creativity, learning, and shared experience while generating revenue for the institution.


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From performing arts centers to houses of worship and museums, we design buildings that deliver a collective experience. Our integrated building system design allows visitors to remain focused on what’s inside to inspire. Browse our Culture project gallery to see what we’re designing.

Walton Arts Center

Firestone Litchfield Community Learning Center Theatre - Akron Public Schools

Kansas City Young Audiences

Silos Classroom Building - Neighborhood Ministries


We’re an organization of smart thinkers and passionate creatives, and we love to share what we know. Scroll our thought leadership library for technical expertise, design discoveries, educational takeaways, and more from the brains behind the buildings.

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