Mission Critical

To us, creating environments that are essential to the survival of a business, organization, or community is gratifying work. We engineer Mission Critical facilities such as data centers and public safety centers to keep their “always on” services running safely and efficiently. We work closely with each facility to ensure redundant power and cooling systems keep critical services running. Our purpose is to build a better world, and our Mission Critical facilities are often at the heart of safer, smarter, more productive communities.


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Mission Critical industries never sleep, so they need a highly technical design partner who understands how to work on complicated systems while still keeping the business up and running. From the world’s largest generic drug manufacturer to international technology companies, we know a thing or two about engineering mission critical buildings. Browse our Mission Critical project gallery to see what we’re designing.

Data Center - Confidential Insurance Company

TEVA Neuroscience Headquarters

Lexmark International


We’re an organization of smart thinkers and passionate creatives, and we love to share what we know. Scroll our thought leadership library for technical expertise, design discoveries, educational takeaways, and more from the brains behind the buildings.

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Drew Rimmer

Business Sector Mission Critical Practice Director



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