When Darrell Stein isn’t climbing a mountain, training for a marathon, or taking his 1978 Camaro out for a spin, one of Henderson’s newest senior vice presidents is focused on saving lives. No big deal.

As the director of Fire Dynamics, Henderson’s fire and life safety team, it’s hard to believe that Darrell ended up in fire protection by accident. Luckily for us, he set his structural engineering aspirations aside and dove head first into the world of building codes, sprinklers, and fire alarms. “My career has centered on taking something – be it a project, a problem, or an internal program – and making it better; better for clients, better for owners, and better for our employees.” Trust us; much like bacon, Darrell really does make everything better.

Whether he’s providing guidance about fire protection to Henderson’s clients or planning his family’s next epic road trip, Darrell always brings his A game. Recently, he took his wife and two daughters on a 14-day, 4,000-mile road trip, crossing 11 states – and survived.

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