Darrell Stein


Chief Operations Officer | Board of Directors
Darrell Stein has a knack for growing, building, and inspiring a nationwide group of colleagues with unique backgrounds and experiences. As our chief operations officer (COO) and a member of our Board of Directors, he utilizes that natural ability to provide oversight and management of strategic and day-to-day operations for both Henderson Engineers and Henderson Building Solutions.

Darrell started his career as a fire protection engineer, where he worked in almost every market, allowing him to develop a holistic lens when looking at the greater context of client needs. He went on to enjoy successful tenures as director of our fire and life safety team and as operations director for our business sector. Now an executive, his dedicated leadership approach and meticulous work ethic make him an integral part of our continued success serving clients across each of our sectors. No matter how difficult the task, Darrell is up for it.


  • Bachelor of Architectural Engineering

    University of Kansas

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