Josh Norris


Enterprise Applications Data Director
Growing up as an aspiring Ghostbuster, Josh Norris geared his smart, amicable, and determined work ethic towards software development. Starting as an intern and the first software developer at Henderson in 1998, Josh was drawn by the clear vision Henderson still has for digital transformation, through streamlining processes that create a better client experience. Now, Josh serves as our enterprise applications & data director here at Henderson, leading the way for new solutions through technological advancements.

By helping clients and colleges solve problems through technology, Josh feels as if Henderson is his second family. The connections and relationships at Henderson provide a meaningful foundation for his work, adding passion and enthusiasm throughout. As an avid traveler, visiting 44 states and 23 countries, Josh uses his unique perspective to inspire the company and truly immerse in today's digital world.


  • Bachelor of Computer Engineering

    Kansas State University

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