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Client Experience: The Center of Everything We Do

At Henderson, client experience has been the heartbeat of our firm from the moment Fran Henderson opened our doors in 1970.  He believed that by putting relationships first, people and projects would flourish, and we maintain that belief today.

Even with client experience a central part of our firm’s DNA, we have pushed ourselves to continue to enhance that experience over the past five decades. In our 2025 strategic plan, we shifted our strategic focus to not just deliver great service, but to put client experience and the client perspective at the center of everything we do. To us, qualities like integrity, responsiveness, empathy, and innovation are the building blocks for a successful partnership, and we wanted to create a framework for these qualities to shine through. We began with putting a team in place and working with company leadership to develop, implement, and manage a formal client experience program that ensures every Henderson client receives a consistent, extraordinary experience.

We will be sharing more about our client experience program in the coming months, but one thing we’re excited to announce today is that we’ve established a team of client relationship directors whose role is to serve on the front lines helping to ensure we deliver a great experience for clients in each of our specialized market sectors. To learn more about these individuals and the specific sectors they serve, read more below.

Andrew Bennett
Health Sector Client Relationship Director | Principal

Andrew Bennett brings project management and technical design experience to the health sector. He’s worked on a variety of projects across a wide-range of health facilities — from hospitals to medtail and everything in between — providing a strong foundation of trust between him and the clients he supports. Not only does he value high-quality work coming in and out of the office, but we always find him pushing for new ways to enhance services and promote interaction.

Allison Black
Venue Sector Client Relationship Director | Associate

Clients and teammates alike can always count on Allison Black to go the extra mile. As the Venue Sector client relationship director, Allison interacts directly with clients to showcase what makes Henderson stand out from the crowd. Known for her high-level client service skills, honed during her time with the Phoenix Suns and with a nationally established restaurant group, Allison maximizes her business relationships to help create successful projects where all parties benefit. Her outgoing and spirited personality helps organize strategy, business development efforts, VIP events, and more that deliver for our venue clients.

John Chase
Client Sector Relationship Director | Associate

Although John Chase’s childhood dream of becoming a rockstar didn’t come true, he has built a reputation as a “rockstar” over the 10+ years he’s spent with Henderson. John is the client relationship director for one of our client sectors at Henderson, a dedicated group of experts focused solely on projects for one of our biggest clients. His extensive experience designing plumbing systems for retail and grocery stores has had John involved with this key client for most of his career. His client-first mentality helps John focus on the details while also seeing the big picture of the large-scale projects he manages.

Brent Felten
Retail Sector Client Relationship Director | Principal

Known for his high energy and focus on details, Brent Felten has a deep passion for the design and construction industry and deep roots in retail design. As our Retail Sector client relationship director, Brent helps make sure our clients’ needs stay top of mind in every project so we can deliver the best client experience possible. Brent also understands the power and impact of technology on customer experience, constantly bringing new and innovative ideas and solutions to the table that keep our clients at the forefront of the industry.

Mike Mierkowski
Community Sector Client Relationship Director | Principal

Mike Mierkowski enjoys developing new relationships with people, both internally with co-workers and externally with clients. He loves to harness the incredible wealth of knowledge he sees in our ranks, which he says makes his job of developing and maintaining those client relationships easier knowing we have the expertise to make their visions a reality. Mike started as a project manager and mechanical engineer and, true to his can-do attitude, began to take on more responsibilities related to office operations and business development. Now we are proud to call him our community sector client relationship director.

Bret Willett
Client Sector Relationship Director | Principal

Bret Willett’s extensive industry experience and laser focus on service make him the perfect fit to serve as the client relationship director for one of our client sectors at Henderson. He is known for building lasting relationships and delivering unparalleled service from coast to coast. Our clients love working with Bret because he strives to help them achieve their goals as if they were his own, paying close attention to what matters most to them. Our clients can trust and depend on Bret to keep them top of mind and to bring innovative solutions to the table and their projects.

Client experience is not just buzz word or industry trend for us. We care about how we treat our clients, which is why we’ve developed opportunities for these experts to ensure we deliver that experience. If you have questions or concerns about our client experience program in general or some areas where we need to focus, please reach out to Barry Sutherland, our client relationships director who is leading our client experience program. If you’d like to talk about a specific project, please reach out to the relevant client relationship director above.

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