Andrew Bennett

Director of New York Operations | Associate Vice President

Andrew Bennett’s eclectic taste in music and laid-back demeanor bring a unique vibe to our New York office where he is an associate vice president and the director of operations. Andrew’s team is a growing group of experts pursuing work in the luxury retail, restaurant, and corporate markets — and they have been making adding to the city skyline ever since the office moved its original location from New Jersey to Manhattan in 2014. With more than 15 years of experience, Andrew has a unique ability to cover all the details needed to grow a business. He can connect with current clients as well as find new ones; he can deliver a highly-technical engineering product while also being one of the most approachable people you’ll ever meet; and he can build a highly-functioning team while also having fun. In addition to the proverbial hats he wears at work, he only has one that he wears in real life. Ask him about his favorite baseball team — outside of New York, that is. Andrew is also a member of ASHRAE and is a Certified Commissioning Agent through Associated Air Balance. Not only does he value high-quality work coming in and out of the office, but we always find him pushing for new ways to enhance efficiency and client-relationships.