Bret Willett

Associate Vice President | Electrical Engineer

From an early age, Bret was drawn to putting together puzzles and creating structures with Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs. Passing by construction sites and seeing how building projects progressed over time was fascinating to him. It turns out mathematics and science came naturally to him, too. So it’s no surprise Bret found himself with an Architectural Engineering degree in the A/E/C industry working with some of the most recognizable retail brands in the business.

As Henderson’s specialty retail practice leader, Bret oversees project teams working on programs for renowned global brands with sites from New York to LA. Clients appreciate working with Bret and his team - he understands they trust him to pay attention to the details, understand what they care about, and meet the goals for their projects. It’s how he approaches everything he does. We like to think that when Bret sees his projects come to life, it's exactly what he pictured as a kid; an amazingly constructed building that he’s proud to have been a part of.