Warren Rosenbrook


Plumbing Technical Director
Warren's career at Henderson Engineers is a true testament of our purpose in creating environments where people can reach their full potential. Warren was initially drawn to Henderson because he saw the opportunity to grow and the space for advancement. He joined us the summer of 1997 and after his first year, Warren started working on how to make Henderson better. He taught classes, organized the standard details, updated schedules and specifications, and even suggested to make plumbing its own department separate from mechanical in 2019. Throughout the years, his role has evolved to plumbing department head to the director of plumbing engineering, and now plumbing technical director.

To this day, Warren maintains a strong reputation for his positivity and problem solving skills. He continues to develop new engineering methods, teach internal fundamental classes, and mentor the next generation of engineers. He's an active member within American Society of Plumbing Engineers, having held a handful of leadership roles including Vice President Technical and Chapter President for the Kansas City Chapter. As if the aforementioned wasn't enough to impress, Warren was also selected as Plumbing Engineer of the Year by Plumbing Engineer Magazine in 2019. And in 2020, he was accepted into the prestigious ASPE College of Fellows for his achievements in creating plumbing training modules at Henderson.


  • Technical Training Computer-Aided Drafting

    Kansas City KS Area Technical School

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