Marc Feyh

Vice President

As a vice president and the director of our restaurant practice, Marc Feyh is the undisputed expert of all things eatery. He knows restaurants, and whether it’s fast-food or fine-dining, he also knows your building systems need to handle the high heat and demands of the business. Marc joined Henderson in 1994 and is currently responsible for the design, management and coordination of several long-standing restaurant programs. These projects range from new construction to remodels and additions. Marc has a way of establishing close relationships with facility operators, making the design process much easier. And even better, he understands the mindset of the end-users, taking into account how to make the spaces more functional and enjoyable. Marc believes systems must be simple, remain flexible, and have the ability to accommodate a wide range of occupancies. It’s his uncomplicated approach and open lines of communication that make Marc not only a great partner, but a great mentor, too. He currently helps lead a team of 30, and ensures that our restaurant practice continues to grow. With Marc leading the way, you can be confident you’ll get 5-star service from Henderson.