It’s true that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes but there’s only one standard for our efficient designs. There are currently more than 500 ULTA Beauty stores nationwide that incorporate Henderson’s design services. These one-stop salon and beauty supply stores range from 8,000 SF - 15,000 SF and are primarily located in mixed-use developments and indoor malls. To keep pace with the frequently changing merchandise and salon layouts, this ongoing program includes regular prototype maintenance and systematic updates when needed. Our new-store and remodel programs include site-adapt design for various stores throughout the United States. This is why our clients can feel confident in our management of the construction change process for numerous locations that are under construction at any given time.

We’ve been assisting ULTA and its other consultants with a variety of design initiatives over the past several years. One of our unwavering goals is to make sure customers using their stores are receiving a consistently exceptional experience. ULTA cares about everyone who walks into their stores and salons. It’s the main reason their standards for superior design are so high – and it’s a good thing ours are, too. That’s why our partner, Henderson Building Solutions, was brought on to handle the commissioning and retro-commissioning for stores that require it. So sit back and relax in your salon chair knowing that Henderson will help you put your store’s best face forward – even if the beauty of our systems is behind the scenes.


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