When TechShop first opened their doors in San Francisco in 2006, they immediately gained traction in the DIY movement and quickly established a loyal following with craftsmen of all ages. Each TechShop center is designed to offer users a full inventory of tools and other resources they need to imagine and build.

In 2014, Henderson Engineers and TechShop joined forces to support the company’s plans for growth outside of the bay area. From the start, Henderson has been committed to using the latest technology to help TechShop users innovate. Our engineers maintain a live equipment list to manage electrical, technology, and HVAC requirements and power revolutionary technology, such as laser and waterjet cutters. We also support the design of TechShop’s most demanding spaces, such as dedicated machine, wood, and metal shops, a plastics and electronics labs, textiles departments, and welding station.

Due to the variety of systems necessary at each TechShop location, Henderson has the opportunity to creatively design fitting and energy efficient building systems including specialized ventilation.


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Electrical, Fire & Life Safety, Mechanical, Plumbing, Telecom


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