With the ever-changing market and demographics associated with the movie industry, those developing these environments are constantly redesigning to find the best experience to draw the biggest audiences. In a bold statement, Standees has taken the dining/movie experience to a new level. Incorporating movie theaters within the confines of an elegant, sophisticated restaurant, this establishment wanted to cater to the 40+ age bracket associated with the local area, re-establishing the neighborhood movie theaters of years past.

With an emphasis on creating a space that was modern, the lighting and interiors within the restaurant offered subtle details in not only fixture design, but location and application that patrons would appreciate. Hints of designs that alluded to the “golden age” of movies were used throughout the restaurant, yet the theatre auditoriums themselves were a drastic departure from the glamour of the restaurant portion. Intended to invoke the technological achievements of the movie industry, the auditoriums relied on a woven fabric on the walls with color changing, small-wattage LED points of light integrated into the wall. Surrounding the audience, the slow transition of color and movement playing off the weave of the wall creates an encompassing environment of light and sound.

Being the first of its kind, Standees intends to break the mold of traditional theatre experiences by blending movies and fine dining within the same building.


Prairie Village, KS

Project Size

Approx. 23,000 SF


Architectural Lighting


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