The new lab for the State of Missouri includes research, testing, and diagnostic laboratories with support spaces and offices, and a 12,500 SF BSL3 suite. The dock and Central Access include strict security and decontamination features. The building houses numerous cold rooms and environmental chambers. A central waste and cylinder storage area is included. The building also includes a waste incinerator. The design team assisted the Owner with obtaining the necessary permits for the incinerator.

The mechanical systems included a central chiller plant, high pressure steam boiler plant, VAV air handlers, and laboratory exhaust systems. Laboratories and fume hoods outside the BSL3 areas are variable volume. Fume hoods and biological safety cabinets inside the BSL3 suite are constant volume. The HVAC system provides strict temperature, humidity, and pressurization control throughout the building. The electrical design includes emergency generators to allow the building to be operational in the event of a power outage. The labs feature continuous electrical and data raceway at all benches to allow for flexibility and readily accessible power and data. Electrical devices in the BSL3 suite required special attention to ensure they are cleanable and sealed for envelope integrity.

*This project was obtained through the acquisition of IDEA.


Jefferson City, MO

Project Size

Approx. 120,000 SF


Mechanical, Plumbing


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