Workplace Wellness: Vulnerability at Work

In last month’s Workplace Wellness blog post, we shared our best tips and resources for growing your communication competency, a core skill that is consistently listed as one of the highest ranked, in-demand skills for most jobs. For this next blog, we’ll focus in on a skill that isn’t often ranked but is fundamental to cultivating strong working relationships – vulnerability.

The longer we face uncertainty and navigate evolving demands at work, the more trust matters. One of the keys to building trust is the willingness to be vulnerable. Real trust requires vulnerability – the willingness to know who you really are, accept who you really are, and share who you really are with others. If we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we encourage others to do the same and start to build real trust.

My vulnerability – I’ve reviewed articles, books, videos, posts on the subject trying to decide what to share, feeling like I can’t say it better than those who have already done it. And well, there’s no need to reinvent this wheel. Check out one (or two or three…) of the following to learn more about the value of vulnerability at work.

Being vulnerable with colleagues isn’t going to feel natural or comfortable for everyone, which is ok. Keep the following in mind as you consider your comfort level when being vulnerable with coworkers.

  • Vulnerability cannot be manufactured or forced on others. We must be open and available to other people in order for them to be open and available to us. So, start by being open and real with them.
  • Trust is dependent on our ability to be honest and genuine with one another.
  • Trust plays a critical role in team dynamics and long-term success.

Stay tuned for more Workplace Wellness tips coming next month, or reach out to learn more.

Written By
Mindy Garrett

Chief People Officer | Principal


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