Recovering from Severe Winter Weather – Now What?

The recent severe winter weather and storms affecting much of the contiguous United States was felt by all. With offices in Texas and staff working remotely throughout the United States, many members of Team Henderson have also been affected. Unfortunately, we’ve heard from several clients that these storms have caused damage to their buildings. If your building sustained damage, we can empathize. At Henderson, our vision is to build a better world, and knowing how buildings work is our business. So, we’re here for you — and we want to help.

Engineering and construction are all about protecting the health, welfare, and safety of the public. Many times, this is seen in the form of preventative design practices. But once a disaster strikes, what can we do to help? Henderson has specific services to meet these needs:

Our first step, though, would be to conduct a facility assessment and develop a customized plan to meet your needs. From there, we can work with you to optimize your building for the long-term.

As we continue to experience winter weather and consider the potential for it in the future, here are a few of the top issues we have seen in buildings that may warrant addressing in order to be prepared for future problems, should another cold snap come along:

  • Leaky building envelopes and additional cold air infiltration
  • Poor operation of outside air intake
  • Poor quality windows and doors
  • Lack of properly designed entrance vestibules
  • Unbalance air distribution systems
  • Aging steam and hot water (boiler) systems in need of maintenance and/or repair
  • Improper control of heating systems

If you need someone to help assess and assist with any damage, please reach out. If you just need to have someone brainstorm solutions with you or to just chat, we’re here for you too. Please reach out to Jared CarlsonDrew Rimmer, or your normal Henderson contact directly.

Written By
Jared Carlson

Engineering Director | Principal

Written By
Drew Rimmer

Business Sector Design & Construction Integration Director | Business Sector Mission Critical Practice Director | Principal


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