In today’s modern classroom, technology is used as a tool to help guide students through lessons, presentations, and real-time engagement with teachers and peers. As we navigate this new era of education in the midst of COVID-19, the traditional teaching model is having to adapt to one that allows for social distancing and remote learning, altering the role of technology in the classroom. The models below show how technology can be utilized to facilitate four different classroom types; traditional, smaller face-to-face blended, hybrid face-to-face/online, and online (full remote). To learn more about how we’re helping our education clients prepare for the upcoming school year, contact us today.


About the Authors

Doug Everhart

K-12 Education Practice Director | Principal
If you need an expert in K-12 education design, look no further than Doug Everhart, a vice president and our K-12 practice director at Henderson Engineers. Although he is well-known for proactivity and responsiveness, what really makes Doug stand out is his awareness and knowledge of a client’s needs with a great understanding of the future of education design. Doug leads a team of education experts, and lucky for us, he is as talented in fostering a strong work ethic within his team as he is in designing innovative learning environments for the students and teachers who use the spaces he’s been creating for more than a decade.

Julie LeClair

Director of Network Design | Associate
Julie is our director of network design. She leads a team of highly-skilled professionals who knows what it means to build relationships, generate the best project outcome, and most importantly, work as a team. For Henderson’s technology group, Julie provides specialty network design consulting for various higher education, sports, and recreation facilities. She leads our team in providing structured cabling, Wi-Fi, distributed antenna systems, and network electronics. As someone who has always been hungry for more knowledge, Julie will ensure her colleagues consistently seek new ways to enhance their specialty.