Community Sector Low Voltage and Acoustics Consulting and Design Services

Henderson Engineers offers a full suite of low voltage and acoustics consulting and design services to support a project through design and construction, as well as the full life of the building post occupancy. We have dedicated community sector staff that can provide engineered solutions, peer review, and owner representation for audio-video (AV), telecom, security, and acoustics. From project conception to our capability to sign and seal professional engineered documents, Henderson can see your project through from start to finish.

Where people gather, communication matters. Acoustical engineering helps you cut through the noise and build a space where the focus remains on the message. Our acoustics professionals set realistic sound level criteria, followed by practical sound and vibration control recommendations so you can experience your space the way it was intended. Our experts have assisted on projects across the nation. Full acoustics services offered by Henderson include:

  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Noise & Vibration Control
  • Sound Isolation
  • Environmental & Community Noise Control
  • LEED and WELL Consulting (Acoustics Credits)
  • Existing Facility Acoustical Assessment
  • Post Construction Verification Testing

Successful audio-video systems balance the capabilities of the system with the experience of the user. Few things are as frustrating as an audio-video system that is over-complicated and difficult to manage. We combine state-of-the-art technology with a deep understanding of your specific needs to deliver audio-video solutions that make the most sense for your people, budget, and technological capabilities. Services include:

  • Audio-Video Systems Design
  • Television Distribution (IPTV) System Design
  • Public Address / Large Format Sound System Design
  • Large Format Video Display Design
  • Digital Signage System Design
  • Master Planning & Programming
  • Existing System Assessments
  • Systems Commissioning

Physical security systems should be intuitive, robust, and integral to the secure operation of the building. Our experts balance state of the art component knowledge with practical considerations to design systems that function as a part of the building itself, not just as an overlay. And since we’re not affiliated with any vendor or supplier, you can rest assured that we are providing you with an unbiased solution to serve your needs in the following areas:

  • System Planning
  • Electronic Physical Security System Engineering
  • Physical Security System Assessments (installation & operation)
  • System Retrofit & Modernization
  • System Expansion
  • Life Safety Code Compliance Evaluations
  • System Fault Tolerance Evaluations
  • Operational Planning for Building Security
  • Security Systems Commissioning

Henderson Engineers offers a broad range of low voltage infrastructure and system consulting, design, and procurement options. We work directly with your IT staff to identify system requirements and provide designs based on vendor-neutral choices. Our staff is experienced in network operations, allowing us to provide expertise that sets us apart from other consultants. Our approach is based on close collaboration with mechanical and electrical designers to determine the power and cooling requirements of technology systems to deliver a holistic design that truly works.

  • Telecom Infrastructure Design
  • Premise Infrastructure Design
  • Outside Plant Design
  • Infrastructure Audits
  • Network Consulting
  • Consulting for Network Electronics, Servers, Storage & Operating Systems
  • Productivity Software
  • Wi-Fi Configuration Planning
  • Low voltage Master Planning & Audits
  • Consulting for Telephone Systems
  • Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Design
  • Low voltage Owner’s Representative


Meet our Experts
Our independent design staff provides unbiased design recommendations and support to find the best solution for each individual project. Meet our low voltage and acoustics consulting and design experts.

Juan Coronado
Lead Telecom Designer

A telecom designer in our community sector, Juan enjoys problem solving. He loves being able to have open discussions about potential issues, big or small, and collaborating with the project team on potential solutions. He knows ensuring facilities are connected internally and externally is crucial to allowing daily internal and external operations to proceed uninterrupted.

Roe Gammon
Security Designer

Roe’s portfolio ranges from warehouse distribution centers to educational facilities and high-capacity venues. For Roe, the security design is critical for the safety of the occupants within the building. He is responsible for providing construction drawings and up-to-date specifications for the various components including access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and video intercom.

Joseph Gombos
Audio-Video Consultant

Joseph’s portfolio includes high energy casino floors to the more traditional classrooms, collaboration spaces, huddle spaces, multipurpose rooms, auditorium-based classrooms, and kitchen labs found in community spaces. Through collaboration with internal and external teams, he helps his clients achieve their goals through the right combination of audio-video technologies that work best for the space.

Elaina Liby
Acoustical Consultant

Elaina enjoys the diversity of community projects that she helps bring to life. Elaina reviews architectural drawings and models and gives recommendations for interior room acoustics (reverberation time and echo control) and sound isolation between vertically and horizontally adjacent spaces. She also reviews mechanical drawings and models for ambient noise levels due to mechanical equipment.

Mark Maurer
Security Technical Manager

For more than 40 years, Mark has helped transform the way we look at electronic physical security systems for sports venues, correctional facilities, educational facilities, and other structures nationwide. As an associate and professional engineer, his decades of electrical construction and engineering experience afford him unmatched insight when assisting end users to determine their physical electronic security system needs. Overall, Mark strives to design systems that are non-proprietary, reliable, intuitive to operate, and relatively easy to maintain.

Jim Rose
Audio-Video Consultant

Jim is committed to providing clients with the best possible design solutions. With nearly two decades of experience in the audio-video profession, he is a great asset to the team. He has worked on a variety of projects within the community sector and venue sector including K12, civic buildings and transportation and knows what it takes to make the audio-video systems in these buildings work.

Rebecca Rothermich
Telecom Technical Manager

Rebecca designs the telecommunications infrastructure that will connect all the different systems in the building. In addition to her vast experience with project types in our community sector, she’s also completed low voltage services for several venue and business sector projects. As the internet becomes more of a necessary utility, rather than a convenience, she is persistent in identifying clients’ needs and giving them exactly what they need to accomplish their goals. She takes the time to understand our clients’ preferences, pain points, and requirements for operability.

Karen Zeballos
Telecom Designer

Karen started her career with Team Henderson as a BIM/CAD tech and electrical designer and has since been promoted to a telecom designer in our community sector. She loves being able to take on new opportunities and learn new skills by working with those around her. Karen strives to provide IT systems that work and comply with each individual client’s needs.


Henderson’s Expertise in Action
Explore some of our recent projects to see how Henderson has implemented our expertise in low voltage and acoustics consulting and design services into community projects across the country.


Our team of design experts has many years of experience within the industry as design consultants, manufacturer representatives, and contractors. With this diverse knowledge, we can provide practical solutions for varying project sizes and types, whether for an individual service or the holistic building system, along with the other services available from Henderson Engineers.


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