Megan Oberg

Grocery & Distribution Sector Marketing Manager | Venue Sector Marketing Manager
Megan was drawn to Henderson Engineers because of our emphasis on building connections at a human level. As a lifelong hockey, football, and soccer fan, Megan is thrilled to be a part of our team as the venue sector marketing manager. She loves the support and collaborative mentality her coworkers have when meeting client goals and knows her role is vital for providing a different perspective to her team. She's adept at anticipating client needs and suggesting ideas to her team about how to better serve clients in the venue sector.

Megan thrives on building relationships and learning new things outside of her sector in order to bring a more holistic lens to the work she does. She's involved with our Henderson REAL and Empower DE&I affinity groups and likes to keep her mind sharp by reading lots of books and learning Spanish in her free time, all of which helps her gain a broader context of the world to apply to her role as marketing manager.


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