Dennis Hagler

Refrigeration Technical Director
Dennis knows how important refrigeration is in delivering fresh food to millions of people. Going forward, he sees how the refrigeration industry has an opportunity to have a huge positive impact on the environment by transitioning to natural refrigerants. Dennis’ experience includes several years of experience leading teams in the design and development of CO2 refrigeration. That’s why Dennis’ favorite part of his job is working with up-and-coming engineers and designers to share his knowledge and experience; he considers himself a teacher at heart and is involved with Henderson’s robust internal employee training courses.

In order to be a better educator, Dennis challenges himself to always ask questions and seek out new knowledge. He is a logical thinker who likes to discover new things and follow the facts. At Henderson, we appreciate Dennis’ leadership and ability to stay on top of the latest industry standards and share that knowledge with his team and we know his clients do too.


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