Coy Macy


Retail Sector Restaurant Practice Director | Associate
Ever since Coy joined Henderson Engineers in 2010, he has been ready and willing to jump in to help and learn whenever he can. Being brought up on his family's ranch taught him that it's always better to do it the right way the first time and to never leave a job undone. While attending Kansas State University, he joined the Henderson team as an intern and then became a full-time employee upon graduation. His dedication to communication, innovation, and his clients’ goals propelled him into the restaurant practice director role within our retail sector.

Knowing the intricate details of the projects he works on, while still keeping the big picture in mind, is one of the many reasons why clients keep requesting to work with him. Coy believes in his team and in the importance of understanding key trends in the restaurant and engineering industries, making it a point to mentor his design staff throughout all design stages.


  • Bachelor of Architectural Engineering

    Kansas State University

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