Jeff Teel

Director of Acoustics | Associate

Jeff Teel is classified as our go-to for acoustics. Since his early days, music and sound were always in the picture. Whether it was his die-hard passion for playing the guitar or his endless CD and LP collection, Jeff takes acoustics beyond the office. Here at Henderson we tend to hire employees who genuinely love their field — this idea couldn’t be truer for Jeff, and it has done nothing but reflect highly on his work since he joined our family in 2012. Standing as associate and director of our acoustics team, Jeff consults clients in architectural acoustics, building systems noise, and vibration control for our clients nationwide. Along with his extensive field testing experience, Jeff provides feasibility testing, community noise studies, and expert witness services. In addition to his long hours in the office, he also plays an active role in the community. Jeff is currently a member of The Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE) where he shares his knowledge and experiences with like-minded people in the profession, as well as helps promote and expand the acoustical consulting industry to the public.