Brian Sander

Associate Vice President | Mechanical Engineer

The grocery and restaurant worlds are colliding, and Brian Sander is perfectly wired for the change. With the growth of the grocery-dining experience, it’s important to have someone who knows all aspects of the design. Brian has many successful restaurant and grocery programs under his belt. He knows whether it’s dining or refrigerated cases, your building systems need to handle the high heat of cooking equipment while keeping humidity in check for supermarket refrigeration efficiency. Brian’s years of mechanical systems design have sent him all over the country, ensuring he’s well-versed in the codes and regulations of some of the strictest regions. This associate vice president manages and mentors one of our largest teams that specializes in restaurant, grocery, and retail designs. While he’s no master chef in his own kitchen, he’s a pro when it comes to designing restaurant and grocery spaces. Given the option, he'd rather eat out than cook any night of the week anyway — which he claims helps make him an expert on delivering an exceptional restaurant experience. Based on his high-percentage of repeat clients, it’s obviously working.