Roger Perkins

Director of Florida Operations | Housing Practice Director

Roger Perkins’ non-traditional background gives him an edge over other consultants, and his clients know it. Formerly a mechanical contractor, Roger spent several years learning the ins and outs of the MEPF installation process. With extensive hands-on experience, he brings a unique perspective, specifically in the mixed-use, multifamily residential, and hospitality sectors. Roger’s clients appreciate the facility design knowledge he brings to the table as our housing practice leader. He is also an associate and the director of operations for our Tampa and Orlando offices, where he oversees engineering projects and leads a team of professionals in the SE region. It’s amazing he has any time left for business development, where he’s one of the best. Roger uses his vast network to introduce Henderson to clients across the country. What keeps him motivated? His love of family and the warm coastal waters, where he enjoys wrangling monster tarpons out of the Tampa Bay. Good thing he’s one of our strongest leaders, in more ways than one.