Patrick Mills

CIO | Senior Vice President

At Henderson Engineers, Patrick Mills is responsible for keeping everything running…literally. As our Chief Information Officer (CIO) and a member of the Henderson family for more than 20 years, Patrick has played a vital role in the growth and operations of our company. He built his career by taking on opportunities that others saw as challenges and finding a way to make them work. It doesn’t matter whether his team is battling the latest cybersecurity threat, developing new strategic initiatives, or helping move/expand one of our offices across the U.S., Patrick is involved every step of the way, pragmatically approaching each task with his trademarked efficiency. He enjoys supporting a company that’s grown exponentially since he started and he loves coming to work every day because of the opportunity to mentor and help his own IT and facilities team grow along with Henderson. Patrick’s fanatical passion for his team (whether that team is Henderson, the Kansas Jayhawks, or the Kansas City Chiefs) and his dedication to leading with “strength and honor” and a little bit of “the force” makes him an important part of what makes Henderson work.