Julie LeClair

Director of Network Design | Associate

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Julie, our director of network design, since she joined our team in 2007. Julie leads a team of highly-skilled professionals who know what it means to build relationships, generate the best project outcome, and most importantly, work as a team. For Henderson’s technology group, Julie provides specialty network design consulting for various higher education, sports, and recreation facilities. She leads our team in providing structured cabling, Wi-Fi, distributed antenna systems, and network electronics.

As someone who has always been hungry for more knowledge, Julie will ensure her colleagues consistently seek new ways to enhance their specialty. One of our favorite things about Julie is that she’ll stop by your desk to offer assistance. That’s right. Julie, well, just kind of knows what it means to be a leader, which is why she’s belongs right here with us at Henderson. Whether it’s her never-ending light-hearted spirit, her dedication to making sure her team’s projects have a quick turnover rate, or the way she moves through the never-ending work load that reaches her desk on a daily basis, Julie has managed to find the perfect balance between pleasing her employees, clients, and end-users to their highest level of satisfaction.