Cindy Carlson

Vice President

In her first and only landscape architecture class, Cindy Carlson was told her lines were too straight. Those words would stick with her, and lucky for us, they also steered her towards engineering. One of the first females named vice president at Henderson, and a key member of the Walmart team from the very beginning, Cindy has undoubtedly left her mark on our firm. She currently helps lead a team of 40 specializing mostly in retail and Walmart programs. She knows better than anyone the demands of the Walmart remodel program are no small task. A strong leader, Cindy has never been shy to recommend what she believes is the correct approach to any project, even if it’s not the easiest one – and count on her to have a well-thought-out reason to back it up. It hasn’t gone unnoticed. Walmart has been so impressed with Cindy, the company hired her to train internal construction managers on their remodel program. In her downtime, Cindy loves to garden but admits she makes a better engineer than a landscape designer. We beg to differ after checking out her paradise of a backyard.