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Elevators 101


This class will give architects and owners a general understanding of the different types and components of elevator systems including the various types of elevator modernizations. After this class, participants will be able to have more informed initial discussions with facilities, effectively understand the components and types of conveyance discussed in assessment reports, and will be better equipped for in-depth technical discussions with elevator contractors/manufacturers. The main topics covered will be: a general overview of typical terms with breakdowns of the different major components, different types of the conveyance systems and the unique systems required for each type, the requirements for emergency power, and the different types of elevator modernizations for these systems.


  1. Identify the major components of elevator systems within existing buildings.
  2. Explain the key differences between various types of elevators.
  3. Identify the installation and maintenance code requirements of elevators.
  4. Select the appropriate type of elevator modernization based on the facility’s needs.


CONS 2150




1, 2, or 4


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