Few architects concern themselves with designing prototypical grocery stores. But in the Southwest there’s an exception. Sprouts Farmers Market, headquartered in Phoenix, has made a name for themselves by demonstrating that grocery stores are, in fact, fruitful design opportunities. As a partner of one of the fastest growing grocery retailers in the country, we are proud to be the exclusive Engineer of Record across all 50 states.

Architects and engineers alike are constantly called on to reinvent the grocery store of the future. So we performed a value engineering review to evaluate the prototype standards and made recommendations for cost savings. This resulted in significant reduction in construction cost for the items that were accepted by the owner.

Sprouts prides themselves on being the healthy grocery store that is affordable and easy to navigate like an old-fashioned farmers market. It was important that our building systems promoted the natural flow of the consumer’s journey throughout the entire store. Sprouts never loses sight of their humble beginning where good food and good taste, mean fresh and natural. We design our systems to make sure that reigns true every day.


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