Sortation Centers - Confidential Client

Henderson Engineers is providing telecommunications and security systems design for multiple middle mile distribution centers for this confidential client. These centers are primarily focused on high-speed package sortation, with high-speed container cross-docking capabilities, leveraging robotics solutions for increased capacity. The concept is a dedicated mixed-use building that enables all of these high-speed distribution needs as well as other multi-use operational initiatives.

Henderson Building Solutions has provided commissioning services at multiple sortation centers. These services mainly include base-building qualification checks and functional performance testing. Our approach is to first sit down with the contractors to determine how commissioning best fit into the overall project schedule. The goal of this collaboration is to ensure a complete and efficient commissioning process. With this accomplished, we can then set the most ideal schedule for our kickoff meeting, site visits, system testing and functional performance testing. The systems that receive commissioning services include HVAC, all electrical systems including stand-by power, plumbing systems, and life safety system verification.


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