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If you combine top-tier sports venues and luxury brand retailers, you’ll likely come across New York-based Equinox fitness clubs. This high-end studio reached out to Henderson Engineers to help with full building systems designs for the expansion of several locations outside of the Empire State.

Strategically located in major metropolitan areas, these buildings pay homage to the sights and sounds of the city they call home. Working with four different local architects, the engineering design has been the main constant across the board. Whether you’re sweating it up in one of the group fitness rooms, cleaning up in the locker room, or lounging in the luxury café, our sophisticated HVAC systems and advanced humidity controls will keep you comfortable. Specialized systems were designed for the efficacy of the natatorium. Inspired by the specific architecture of the area, it was important for us to work with the artistic influences of the space to keep the look and feel true to the Equinox brand.

As a third-party advocate, we are contracted directly with Equinox for lease and space planning reviews. The value in partnering with Henderson for this imperative service ensures the land lord standards are meeting what Equinox needs and requires.

The mark of a luxury space is the concealment of the building systems. Customers shouldn't see it, hear it, or feel it. They’re simply comfortable. For Henderson, merging the complexity of major sports projects with the aesthetics of luxury retailers continues to be no sweat.


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