Since 2012, we’ve designed more than 40 new ground-up locations and more than 40 remodel projects for Dave & Buster’s. We understand that powering all of those arcade games is a huge energy hog. That’s why we design our open-structure, 1600 amp service to allow for flexible power sourcing. This makes it easy for D&B to stay current with the latest gaming systems. Whether you’re playing Pop-a-Shot or four-player Pacman, we keep in mind the close coordination that has to occur between the electrical requirements, and data ports that supply those games.

At Dave & Buster’s, you’ll find a top of the line, full-service kitchen. Our detailed plumbing designs and HVAC systems include demand control ventilation and is tailored to the client’s budget while providing energy efficiency and comfort. This allows for a top of the line dining experience for the D&B staff and patrons. Their trust in us to deliver high quality drawings, combined with the high success of our work is what’s led Henderson to becoming their prime MEP consultant for a majority of their locations.


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