Doug Weis

Director of Technology | Vice President

At Henderson, we classify Doug Weis as the expert in all things technology, and it is no question we got pretty lucky when he joined us in 2002. Not only is Doug passionate about his projects, but most importantly he cares for his team, our end-users, and Henderson overall — making sure that every decision we make will lead us in not only a good path, but the best path. We love Doug because he loves helping clients and making a great name for Henderson. Pretty simple, right? As a vice president and the director of our technology group, Doug’s team specializes in low voltage system design. This group of highly-skilled professionals work in a variety of disciplines including telecom design, security design, acoustics consulting, broadcast design, wireless networks, and audio-video design. His expertise on telecommunications and electronic physical security systems — primarily for sports and education facilities — helps our clients plan strategically for design and equipment acquisition.