Shane Lutz

Executive Vice President

An impressive early riser who often has his first meetings before 7 a.m., Shane is always full of energy and ready to help others. Shane has been at Henderson for more than 20 years and, in that time, he has been instrumental in the growth of the firm. Now an executive vice president, Shane oversees several teams, including our Los Angeles and Las Vegas operations. Shane cares about every detail of our entire firm — from overseeing project excellence, to keeping our clients happy, to seeking out ways to improve our services along the way. He helped start Henderson’s healthcare practice more than two decades ago and with his guidance it has grown into one of our most significant practices and a dedicated focus of our firm. Always on the move, Shane is known for his exceptional client experience record and lending his expertise to training the next generation. He is always thinking about our clients, how they do business, what makes them successful, and how we can serve them better. His instrumental role in developing our offices in Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles is another extension of his passion.
With this schedule, it’s no surprise he is adamant about keeping his calendar, notebooks, and various apps in order. His legendary organizational skills are something we’re all envious of – and at a company of detailed engineers, that’s certainly saying something.