This course identifies the significant building and fire code provisions that most affect your building construction type and site location when beginning a new project. It will outline the order in which the requirements are best applied, and identify how to address potentially conflicting requirements in the code. Various types of assembly venues will be discussed, ranging from major league stadiums and arenas to practice facilities and outdoor venues. This course will explore the WHY behind the code’s requirements for type of construction, property line set-backs, fire truck access, and building separation which impact the project layout, function, ease of access, and construction cost.


  1. Understand the rationale affecting the overall building construction type, including critical height and area triggers that dictate a need for increased fire resistance.
  2. Analyze building location on a site and the impact it has on the appearance, cost, and fire resistance of exterior walls.
  3. Manipulate a project’s location on a site to minimize fire exposures and the associated design limitations and costs, while maximizing pedestrian flow and emergency responders’ access.
  4. Appraise the circumstances surrounding an addition or expansion of an existing building to determine if an addition is permitted and whether a fire wall is required to separate the two portions of the building.






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