Arron Cooper


Client Sector Technical Director
While it’s both gratifying and flattering to get compliments from our clients, to Arron it’s just another day. To us, this is indicative of Arron’s leadership as he connects with his teammates and helps them grow as engineers, business developers, and leaders.

Throughout his time at Henderson Engineers, Arron has led innovative project initiatives with the world’s largest retailer, involved with improving designs, increasing efficiency, enhancing processes, and solving problems as a key prototype. What he loves most is seeing how this work directly benefits everyone from owner to design professional to end users who use the spaces we help bring to life every day. As someone who consistently strives to improve operations, Arron has helped expand our client base over the past several years and with Arron as our client sector technical director, the future is promising.


  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

    Kansas State University

Thought Leadership

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