Lynn Browning


Project Management Technical Director | Architectural Engineer
Lynn has been with Henderson Engineers since 2008 and has served in many different roles, on many different projects, including healthcare, retail, education projects. The thing that has always remained the same is his love for people he works with, whether that be Henderson team members or clients. Lynn is known for his great communication and relationship building skills and thrives on working through issues as a team to support clients' initiatives. What he finds particularly rewarding is successfully navigating the needs of different internal and external stakeholders and aligning everyone's goals to support a common mission.

Lynn never thought he would end up in project management but, true to his can-do attitude, he stepped-up in 2014 to fill a need and never looked back. He says being a project manager means providing leadership to projects and cultivating Henderson purpose of “creating environments where people can reach their full potential”. His experience in a variety of roles within Henderson has given him a keen understanding of what people need to thrive and know that project manager's role is critical when it comes to getting quality work done, navigating the ever-changing waters of a project, and creating a great client experience.


  • Bachelor of Architectural Engineering

    Kansas State University

  • Associate of Mathematics

    Fjolbrautaskoli Suournesja

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