Nathan Malone


Venue Sector Design & Construction Director | Venue Sector Fitness Practice Director | Principal
Since 2003, Nathan has brought his loyalty, engineering talents, and uncanny sense of humor to Henderson Engineers. Nathan brings perseverance to any situation; from his work to his family at home, what he strives for will become a reality in only a matter of time. He's spent his whole career with Henderson, and his life outside of the office is spent mostly watching his kids play sports. Nathan once watched 16 of their games in a single weekend — and that’s no joke. A family man through and through, we’re proud to have him as such a vital team member.

His background in retail and sports has equipped him to be the perfect fit as the fitness practice director and design and construction director for our venue sector. He has a broad range of knowledge, making him a person you want involved in a project from inception to completion. As he guides his team to deliver quality work and dream up innovative ideas, he takes the time to celebrate the wins, big or small. He connects with both his staff and clients to create an environment that anyone would want to be in.


  • Master of Engineering Management

    University of Kansas

  • Bachelor of Architectural Engineering

    Kansas State University

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