Drew Rimmer

Executive Vice President

From the minute he walked in the door, Drew represented potential. Working his way through the ranks at Henderson, Drew is now an executive vice president leading several teams in the corporate, retail, and education practices. His mix of optimism and logic is the perfect combination to create opportunity for our company and our clients. With decades of engineering and project experience under his belt, Drew also helped found Henderson Building Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henderson Engineers providing construction management and commissioning services. Always thinking outside the box, Drew truly lives out our company vision of being the firm that changes the industry. Specifically, in making the design and construction process more collaborative, bringing his dream for Henderson to be a partner for the entire life of the building to a reality. We love that endless optimism and visionary outlook, and even more we love seeing how it inspires everyone around him. Encouraging his teams to embrace the client’s point of view and understand the experience of a space, Drew mentors the upcoming leaders of Henderson. We’ll keep him around, even if he is a Denver Broncos fan.