Dana Kettle

CFO | Executive Vice President

When Dana Kettle first started at Henderson, she had no idea how much the firm was going to grow, but she was definitely game for the ride. In fact, as someone with extraordinary dreams, she took the company’s motto of being the “firm that changes the industry,” into her own hands. Starting as Henderson’s first accountant in 1994, she now proudly stands as the firm’s CFO and the first and only female executive vice president and member of the Board of Directors. Not to mention, she’s the first non-engineer to hold either of those positions in company history. Quite an accomplishment, and as such Dana is definitely an inspiration to all women within our traditionally male-dominated industry. She is involved in all of the details, and we’d be hard pressed to find someone else who knows the ins and outs of our business better than she does. With her exuberant energy, she has a habit of genuinely brightening everyone’s day. When she was young, Dana dreamed of being Superwoman. Whether she believes us or not, we think her dreams came true.