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Our decades-long tenure with Walmart, the world’s largest general merchandise retailer, has helped define who we are as a firm. From our procedures and quality focused infrastructure, to relationships with industry partners, working with Walmart has helped us with efficiency, client service, and our commitment to the end-user experience. 

Our engineering standards were developed for clients, like Walmart, that have the highest level expectations of their partners. What they’ve wanted, we created - adding services like refrigeration and fire protection engineering to meet their needs.

As Walmart’s go-to engineering expert for new store, remodel, and prototype designs, Henderson has completed thousands of projects in the US and worldwide.  We specialize in designing and maintaining prototype layouts for site adaptation and individual site designs - adding standardization, consistency, and efficiency. We regularly incorporate various tenant spaces in our store designs including restaurant tenants, banking centers, and nail salons. We follow-up with site observations, to ensure construction meets Walmart’s expectations and design intent, as well. The fast-paced building process can, at times, bring constant prototype updates, and frequent site-change orders. That’s never a problem at Henderson Engineers because we work well under pressure. And Walmart has played a key role in helping us to grow into the retail building systems expert we are today.

Our CapEx team is the prime consultant in equipment replacement. We support Walmart's mechanical construction-directed engineering design and construction projects. So when your HVAC and refrigeration equipment reaches its life expectancy, you can trust us to work with manufacturers to swap out the old and bring in the new. Whether it's compressors, condensers, chillers or cooling towers, we've got you covered.  We understand the level of expertise and excellence that is expected from a client of this caliber and we deliver on their expectations daily.

We're proud to serve retailers across the country and they know they can trust us with their projects time and time again.


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