Walmart Health Clinics

Walmart is dedicated to providing quality healthcare in a convenient location and at a reasonable and affordable price. As a leader in healthcare and medtail design with an established more than 30-year partnership with Walmart, Henderson Engineers is all in to help them achieve this goal. Having clinics housed within their stores and Supercenters provides an exemplary level of convenience to customers and patients, allowing them to receive care, pick up their medication, and purchase groceries and other household necessities, all in one trip and at one location.

Each of the nearly 20 clinics within this prototype program that have been built to date were either an alteration or a ground-up addition to an existing Walmart Supercenter store and are classified as an outpatient facility. Each clinic includes high-end finishes and visual appeal for spaces such as a lobby reception and waiting area, a classroom, standard exam rooms, blood draw rooms, sterilization and specimen labs, dental treatment and imaging rooms, X-Ray, audiology, a breakroom for staff, restrooms, and general support spaces.

With a fast delivery schedule and multiple site visits needed to consult with dental, imaging, and lighting consultants, we got creative and were able to find innovative solutions in our building systems design offerings in order to turn the design-build projects over in an expedited way. We also worked with the project team to verify medical gas requirements and complete acoustics studies to verify noise transfer and HIPAA requirements. Multiple underground specialty systems also required coordination and verification with various consultants.

Regular calls, visits, coordination, and reliable communication between Henderson and the rest of the project team sets projects like this up for success. Walmart has shown the retail industry time and again that they are an innovative company, and their new clinic spaces are proof of their continued advancements.


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