What do we have in common with this world-renowned French jeweler, you may ask? We both pride ourselves in understanding the demands and expectations of luxury brand clientele. Over the years, we have mastered the design of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for numerous Cartier stores including HVAC system design in accordance with each landlord’s specifications and with the end-users’ experience in mind. Special features include security, cash wrap areas, manager’s offices, stock room, audio-video requirements, and display lighting.

These spaces utilize a combination of efficient LED lighting and engineered lighting controls to achieve a 10% reduction of lighting power consumption while still maintaining the retailer’s strict requirement for lighting levels at the merchandise. Through the use of a variable refrigerant flow systems and demand controlled ventilation, the spaces provide energy savings and additional zoning, all while maintaining the retailer’s critical visual requirements. At the end of each project, we’re proud of our systems and how they help deliver the brand experience Cartier expects for its spaces.


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