Even if you haven’t heard of “medtail,” it’s likely you’ve encountered the concept as a consumer. Born from the desire to make healthcare more accessible and convenient, medtail spaces provide health and wellness services in convenient locations where consumers already live, work, and shop. Medtail is quickly becoming the perfect partnership for hospitals and healthcare systems looking to provide repeatable customer experiences within a local community. Listen in on a conversation moderated by our chief technical officer, Dustin Schafer, as our healthcare practice director, Mark Chrisman, and retail practice director, Jason Wollum discuss how the buzz around medtail continues to grow.


About the Authors

Dustin Schafer

Chief Technical Officer | Principal
Dustin believes that thoughtful design is at the core of good engineering. Through his role as the chief technical officer at Henderson, he pushes to go beyond the basic mechanics of engineering to arrive at solutions that are as artful as they are functional. With a genuine desire to add value to the relationships he has with both clients and employees, he's a trusted adviser to many. He talks regularly about the need to grow the careers of our technical staff, and takes steps every day to ensure that happens. Dustin take's Henderson's vision to be the firm that builds a better world to heart as he emphasizes innovation, quality, and humanity each and every day.

Mark Chrisman

Healthcare Practice Director | Principal
Mark Chrisman is a rare breed of smart. Not only does he love to learn, but he also naturally teaches those around him. Mark joined Henderson Engineers in 2004 and quickly began establishing client relationships that he still maintains today. A vice president and our healthcare practice director, Mark coordinates strategy for Henderson’s healthcare practice across the country. He has designed healthcare environments for some of the biggest names in the industry, providing technical expertise on fire protection and code consulting. He is known for his uncanny ability to recall specific codes and uses his immense knowledge of regulatory compliance requirements to help save clients’ money and time on projects. Mark often works in tandem with our team of healthcare specialists at Henderson Building Solutions. Don’t let his smarts fool you; this Ph.D. is creatively talented too. His party trick is spouting off the most recent code updates while busting out killer dance moves at the same time.

Jason Wollum

Retail Practice Director | Principal
Jason Wollum is the embodiment of Henderson’s purpose statement: he definitely creates an environment where people can reach their full potential. When he first started at Henderson in 1997, Jason was entrenched in the day-to-day designs of a variety of retail and mixed-use projects, as well as forensic engineering investigations. Through the years, Jason grew into one of our top leaders. He’s now a senior vice president responsible for the design, management, and coordination of several programs for some of our most important clients.